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I need you to know something. You are amazing. You are worthy of truth, happiness, and all things that matter to you. You are enough!

I believe challenges women face are finding the balance between work and family life. They get lost in the chaos, stop taking care of their own needs, and lose sight of their worth. If you feel empty, without purpose and direction in this day-to-day grind, I want to help you live your brand new day.


Are you ready to step into change? I will partner with you to identify where you are, what is holding you back, and how to navigate forward with 1:1 coaching. I also offer great resources during our partnership.


I promise to dedicate myself to be the best coach I can be for you. I provide a safe and comforting environment to talk, question, and process. When you work with me, you will find I am compassionate and relatable. I'm here to help you discover the power you already have to create new possibilities.


You will never hear me tell someone their dreams don't matter, that it's too late, or they can't repair something that's broken.

Brenda is one of my most trusted go-to advisors for doing life. She challenges me to consider different perspectives resulting in healthier decision making. Brenda provides practical and honest feedback promoting accountability and growth.

~Jennifer Burke

Brenda’s encouragement and positivity have been a huge part of my recovery. She is full of wisdom and knows when to give just the right advice or suggestion and when to simply give you some things to consider and let you figure out what is best for yourself. She is full of resources and tools when needed and best of all, knows how to simply sit with you as a compassionate and empathetic friend. I’m so grateful for her guidance!

~Shiela B

"Brenda made me feel so comfortable when coaching me and helped me open up quickly. She doesn't judge and lets me explore where I need to go. Even though my mind is like a pinball machine, she could see patterns and get me focused on where I need to go."

~Sally Fazakerley - The International Business Coach

"I have known Brenda through some of her darkest hours and have since seen her rise up as a woman of great strength, fierce purpose, and compassionate care for those around her. I’ve since seen her in action, leading other broken women up out of the ashes of despair into new life and purpose!  If you work with Brenda, you will feel the love, compassion, and inspiration to discover your true purpose and identity."

~Kristin Cary, CPSAS

"I chose to work with Brenda because I was feeling stuck and needed help to move forward and feel confident in making a big change in my life.  Not only did she listen intently, she asked intuitive and thoughtful questions, which gave me the confidence I needed to move forward and take action. She was my thought partner, strategizer, and cheerleader, and allowed me to find clarity and a renewed sense of confidence.  Brenda is truly one-of-a-kind, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an intuitive, sincere, and deeply passionate coach."

~Marla H., Executive Coach

Brenda supported me as I struggled to make sense of things with my family.  Her comforting style gave me the space I needed to understand things.  Brenda’s style allowed me to feel safe to open up and be true with myself.  This helped me find the answers and Brenda gave me reassurance that I was and would be, OK.
~Caryn, Valley Stream, NY

I had the opportunity to work with Brenda as her coach as she was developing her practice.  Brenda is genuine and takes a thoughtful approach to everything she does.  Brenda embodies life change for women who need support through difficult transitions.  Drawing from her own experience, she offers proven coaching tools and a clear path to help women see past their current challenges to the opportunities in front of them.  She is the perfect blend of compassion and encouragement for women who are fighting hard battles and are ready to be transformed by them.

~Missy Shopshire, Founder and Principal Coach at Compelling Clarity


Married for 28 years to my college sweetheart, raising two children, moving to several locations across the country, changing careers, while being a role model for my kids, my days have not always been filled with sunshine, and my path has not always been clear.

I have been through the tough stuff and broken to the core with no idea how to navigate at times. Isolation and avoidance will only keep you in pain longer. Eventually, your inner storm appears whether you want it or not. I know that God led me through all my trials so I could discover coaching. My passion is to lead other women in self-discovering the person they imagined they would be.

Are you ready? Let's get to know one another.

Brenda Petruska-32


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