I grew up a farm girl in Indiana to a close-knit family. While in college I met my husband, and we were convinced that love conquered all. After 28 years of marriage, raising 2 children, and moving around the country, we both know that's not true.

I’ve endured some tough times in my life. This is not always transparent if you were to look at me through the lens of social media. What I know is that we are all dealing with a variety of pain and trauma that is personal.  What I also know is that there is a path available for anyone to find a better way.

Being a good role model to my children has always been a priority. Although I have loved every moment of being a mom, I never quite felt like I was answering my true calling. Sometimes I would crawl into bed at night wondering if I would ever discover my deeper purpose.

Like most people looking to heal, I went to counseling, did the hard work, and joined support groups. But... the real game-changer was when I was introduced to a Life Coach. Not only were we able to reframe my thoughts and belief system, but something else happened. I discovered that I already had everything I needed and that I was enough.

A fire was lit inside me, and I knew that I had to help other women feel as whole and as inspired as I do.

Through completing my course work and certification at Coach University, an International Coach Federation Certified Training Program, I have been able to learn, hone my skills, and meet many amazing mentors and coaches.

My education focused on listening, language, questioning, situational coaching, acknowledging, and many more. In my own experience, coaching has been invaluable for me to reach my personal and professional goals faster and with less stress.

In addition to my education, I facilitate a weekly group of women. I sit with them through tough circumstances and help guide them through critical decision making. I always offer a safe and confidential space to process, grieve, and grow.

By connecting with my own coaching experience, I decided to become a coach myself. As a life coach, I can help you view things from a different perspective, be a sounding board, motivate, guide through tough decisions, and much more.

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